For more than 15 years, with its staff involving experienced engineers and technicians, Graphic Geotechnics Laboratory Energy Mining Undertaking. Industry and Commerce Limited Company operates on soil survey, bored pile, mini pile, injection environmental geotechnique, mine core and hydrogeological researches. In terms of foundation engineering, it provides service on bored pile, mini pile, anchorage, injection, jet grout, soil amendment, foundation support and so on.

Since first the day it was established, it has provided soil amendment and foundation engineering project services of many highways, state roads, bridges, viaducts, power plants, military establishments, sewage and treatment plants, solid waste landfill sites, industrial buildings, business centers, mass housing, airports etc. and it has carried out application consultancy and inspection of these projects.

Our firm gives service with 1 caterpillar driller and 3 truck-mounted drillers. The firm which is able to do every kind of field tests and instrumental observation has its own soil and rock mechanics laboratory.

10 engineers, 1 administrative personnel, 2 technicians, 5 operators and 1 other personnel work within GRAPHIC GEOTECHNICS.

Besides, the soil and rock mechanics laboratory has the Laboratory License No 485 of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. Equipment and materials, quality plans, test methods and instructions used in connection with the work system applied in the laboratory have been prepared in accordance with Laboratory Quality Manuel, TS EN ISO/IEC 17025-2012 and Turkish Standards. In the laboratory, up-to-dateness of these standards is consistently followed and revised whenever it is required.